leather crown

We don’t have a quirky start-up story to tell you, nor we are great storytellers … it’s not us, sorry.

Leather C|R|OWN are shoes made by people who have spent their lifetime in the world of shoes. Not because of a sudden inspiration, not because we were bored of other jobs, not because we want to save the planet, not because we always dreamed a career in fashion. Our Oscar “il Divino” was a shoe-designer before shoe-design became a profession. The crew in our own factory collectively carries centuries of knowledge in crafting shoes.

We know how to design and make shoes perfectly, that’s the only truth. We have a history of making some of the best luxury shoes ever seen. Since sneakers became a luxury fashion item, we decided to make the best sneakers. It’s our nature, we have the best materials, the best people, the best eye, a fastidious habit of perfectionism, and they just come out beautifully.

Enough said. See our own shoes. They are the story.