leather crown


Leather Crown, is an example of Italian craftsmanship at the highest level and obsessive attention to detail. These are the two key ingredients that guide the steps of construction in each shoe since the brand's inception in 2009.

Leather Crown was created in the spring summer collection of 2009, thanks to the encounter of two specialised households of the footwear industry, the Cavallin and Brassini families. All Leather Crown projects come into the world in the Del Brenta Riviera, the area of Italian footwear royalty that is not far from Venice, born by the hands and minds of Oscar and Giovanni Cavallin who take care of the design, style, materials, colours and distribution. It's here that the research of materials from one season to the next become more and more sophisticated and original, plus it's where first prototype of each model is created, strictly by hand.

At this stage the creation is followed by the production, which is achieved internally by Calzaturificio DueBi di Fabio and Giuseppe Brassini in Soncino, in the province of Cremona. From the cutting, to the edging, to the assembly, right up to the finishing touches everything is strictly "hand made," and everything is controlled with an obsessive attention to detail to ensure a high level of quality and comfort. Minor imperfections and slight differences between each shoe are not to be considered defects, but a true testimony of dozens of manual steps that are in no way associated with standardised industrialised production.

It's all in the details. The internal anatomical footbed is raised by 3 cm to provide the best possible support to the foot and the posture, the stylised crown is perforated or hand-stitched as a distinctive sign, the sole is strictly hand-assembled, the leather and the fabrics are all high-end. It's a level of quality that's never before been seen in a pair of trainers. Because of this Leather Crown can not just be called a trainer brand, but a global footwear brand with a range from trainers to sandals, right up to the leather soled derby.

From the point of view of distribution, the year 2016 marked the important development of the opening of the first Leather Crown showroom, in Milan, in the famous Quadrilatero della moda district. This is the first step of a much larger project, where in a few years you will see the development of other showrooms in Paris, New York... and openings of the brand's flagship stores. It is all with one common goal: to drive customers to understand the enormous value of the Italian artisan tradition held in each Leather Crown shoe.