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1. Introduction

Dear User, welcome to Our website (hereinafter, the Website). With these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter Terms and Conditions) We define in a clear and simple way which services are offered by Us through Our Website, allocated on the domain name, and what You, Guest User or Buyer, can make through it.

Using the services that We make available through Our Website You declare to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions, therefore We invite You to examine them carefully and send Us all Your doubts: Your feedback is crucial in order to improve Our services and make them more efficient.

We will respond You in a complete way as soon as possible. We also wish to inform You, by these Terms and Conditions, about Your rights, as well as arising from Our sale relationship and in any case by the Italian Legislative Decree (D.Lgs.) no. 205/2006 (Italian Consumer Code) and subsequent modifications and additions, as well as the further Italian Legislative Decree (D.Lgs.) no. 70/2003 (Rules on electronic commerce).

2. Who we are subject

Through this Website, We CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. (a limited company established in Italy, seated at Via Milano 40, 26029 Soncino (CR), € 100,000 of share capital fully paid, registered in the Register of Companies of Cremona at no. 00129840195, n. REA CR 89409, VAT identification number IT00129840195, Certified e-mail
CALZATURIFICIODUEBI@LEGALEMAIL.INFO, Telephone number 0374 85606, Fax number 0374 84896) wish to offer Our Users a footwear and accessories e-commerce Website where they can buy Our Products online easily and safely (hereinafter, the Products/Product).

We CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. are the only owners of this e-commerce platform, so through this Website You are going to have a commercial relationship exclusively with Us, unless otherwise noted. Otherwise, any commercial relationship with third parties shall in fact be specifically mentioned in the Website.

3. Acceptance of terms

3.1. Acceptance

These Terms and Conditions govern:
  • the prior step before the purchasing, in which You will be provided with all the appropriate informations, as well as the legal informations and also the further informations we consider most appropriate for this Website;
  • the step of purchasing itself and the subsequent ones after the purchasing, as well as assistance and warranty services. If You access the Website, If You navigate it, if You check the appropriate box during the registration process, if You proceed with the making of a "binding purchase order with obligation to pay", You agree with these Terms and Conditions. We therefore invite You to consult these Terms and Conditions before registering and / or before making any purchase. We also invite You to print them and keep them carefully. If You do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, We invite You to leave this Website. In any case, feel free to contact us when You wish to express Your doubts, We will be glad to answer for everything within Our power.

3.2. Who is subject to these terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Users of this Website and also to You, as well as You are a Guest User or a Buyer User, for the respective provisions. However, keep in mind the various rights and obligations arising from the different use You are making of this Website, as a Guest User or as a Buyer User, and also according to Your specific qualification you perform during the purchasing, as a Consumer (when You purchase for a private/personal and non-professional use) or as a Trader (when You purchase for a professional use) with any consequence arising by law and with the consequent limits on the jurisdiction, the right of withdrawal, the warranty and so on.
Online shopping on this Website is allowed only to adults according to the current Italian laws (18 years), also fit to plead. In any case, any registration by minors requires supervision by parents or by whoever has the authority on them or however acting under the duty of oversight and / or supervision. Keep in mind that it is illegal to falsify Your generality, We encourage You not to do it. Otherwise We would be forced to protect Our rights.

3.3. Changes of these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to change, at any time and without notice, the content of these Terms and Conditions: the relationship will be governed by the specific Terms and Conditions posted on the Website at the time of Your purchasing. You are invited to take always specific vision of the text of the Terms and Conditions in force before making a purchasing, in order to verify the updated text at the time of the order. The updates will be indicated in the header of the text with the date of the last update.

4. Products is an e-commerce Website selling footwear, accessories and everything related to the world of fashion. The Products and the offers contained in the Website will be available and will remain valid while stocks last.
All Products offered are shown within the Website, in their respective sections and arranged in their product categories. The visual representation of the Products on the Website, if available, usually corresponds to the Products themselves. This image, however, has the sole purpose of representing them for sale, without any warranty or commitment from Us about the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Website with the actual Product You are purchasing, in particular with regard to its size and / or chromatic aspects of the Product itself.
In case of difference between the image and the detailed description of the Product posted on the Website, the description prevails. Keep in mind that in any case the sale on this Website is by sample and that Our Products are handmade and thus any divergence from the image depicted on the Website is not a defect, but a feature that makes them unique.

5. Purchasing procedure - Conclusion of the sale

You can buy all the Products available on the Website in the respective sections, arranged by product-categories and described with the relevant information sheets, according to the purchasing procedure provided in the Website. The Terms and Conditions applicable to Your purchasings are those one in force at the time of the order and available on the dedicated page.
In any case, at the time of the order, You will receive by email to the address provided, in addition to the summary of the order, a printable copy of the Terms and Conditions. Keep in mind that the purchase order is deemed binding from the moment You "click" the order validation, without prejudice of the right of withdrawal provisioned if You are a Consumer.

The acceptance of the order by Us is confirmed by sending an e-mail confirmation to the email address provided at the time of the registration on the Website, containing the constituent elements of the sale (ordered Products, prices, delivery times, shipping charges, place of delivery, etc ...).

In any event, We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse the order, for example in cases of unavailability of the Product: in such case, however, You will be informed about it before the conclusion of the sale. You also agree to verify the correctness of all the data contained in the order confirmation email and, if You find any mistake, to notify Us promptly by writing an email to The conclusion of the sale shall take place just at the time of the order confirmation sent from Us.

6. Prices

Prices are clearly indicated on the Website and shall be deemed per-unit, unless otherwise indicated. The price of any Product is that one published on the Website at the time of Your order and at the confirmation it will become the final price charged.

Any additional cost, including shipping costs, the cost of customizing the Product or packaging, taxes and any other incidental expenses will be duly reported in the order and charged separately, in addition to the price of the Product itself considered, highlighting the total amount of the sale. Any change in the applicable rate of money exchange may involve an impact on the selling price of the Products, which will be disclosed in any case before ordering. For a delivery in the European Union, the prices include VAT calculated at the rate applicable in Italy at the day of the order.
No customs tax or VAT will be due for delivery within the European Union, except where expressly required by law. Please verify any possible VAT or other taxes refunds applicable for Your country. We also remember that, in case of delivery outside the European Union, it will be Your responsibility to pay any duties, VAT, other taxes or other expenses which may be applicable for the importation of products in the country where You intend to receive the delivery: all formalities in this regard will be in Your sole responsibility, unless otherwise indicated.

In any case, remember that You are the sole responsible for the verification of the possibility of importing the ordered Products according to the law of the country of delivery. We reserve the right to assess any quantitative limit of Products You can purchase and, in case, to suspend the order where the number of Products ordered results unduly high: in such case, You will be promptly contacted for the related informations.

7. Rules of payment

The payment of the price of the Products purchased is due at the time of the order according to the rules indicated on the Website and in any case is due no later than the delivery where expressly provided. Following the purchasing procedure You agree to pay the total amount of the Products purchased on the Website (including product price, taxes, delivery costs and any additional charges) as well as to pay directly, if necessary, the carrier, customs taxes, VAT or other taxes for the importation of products in the countries where they will be delivered. The terms of payment are as follows:

a) Bank transfer: available if provided in the order confirmation. In this case the transfer has to be made in favor of CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. to the bank account provided at the time of the order. In case of lack of receipt of the payment within 10 days after the order confirmation, We reserve the right to erase the order.

b) Stripe: in this case, You guarantee You have the necessary permissions to use this method of payment.

8. Lack of payment

In the event the Products are exceptionally delivered before the integral payment of the total amount, the transfer of the property of the goods is conditioned to the full payment. In case of lack of payment or instalment payment, the Products remain in the exclusive property of CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. too, until the full payment.

We reserve the right to claim the Products ordered in the event of lack of payment. In this case, on Our request You agree to return promptly any Product not fully paid bearing all the costs by Your own.
In case of multiple deliveries delayed in time, the lack of payment of the total amount involves the suspension of the delivery of the Products, as well as any other connected services until the full payment. What above involves also Your immediate official notice of default, with the application of the conventional interests rated as established by the Italian D.Lgs. 231/02 if You are a Trader or at the statutory rate if You are a Consumer. In case of partial payments after the expiry of the invoice, such payments will be charged first to the expenses, then to the interests and last to the principal and other charges will not be accepted.

9. Risk of loss of products

Keep in mind that in case You choose the carrier suggested by Us, the risk of loss of Products is in Our sole responsibility.

The risk of loss is indeed transferred to You when You choose a carrier different than those ones suggested by Us. Such risk of loss is also transferred to You in the case You return the Products playing Your right of withdrawal (where You are a Consumer). Keep in mind that during the period of the right of withdrawal You are the guardian of the Products and You will be responsible for any damage, destruction or decrease of value of the Products delivered.

10. Performance of the order

The order will be executed within the time indicated on Our Website and specified in Our order confirmation, and in any event within 30 days after such order confirmation, subject to the availability of the Product ordered and unless otherwise indicated.

We remind You that the order becomes effective just upon the receipt of Our e-mail confirmation. Although the Website is directly connected with Our stock and the availability indicated is therefore updated time-to-time, there may be additional factors that can affect the actual availability of the Products, as for example clerical errors on calculation of stocks, unexpected system malfunctions and so on. In case of unavailability of the Products ordered, We will inform You as soon as possible, indicating a different period of availability with the possibility to immediately withdraw from Your order or confirm it waiting for the longer delivery time. You will also be informed, in such cases, of any price changes.

In case You decide to confirm the order but the price of the Products increases, You will be immediately informed about it and We shall not proceed until Your confirmation of the purchasing. In any case, the refund will be made with the payment method indicated by You at the time of the order. In case of unavailability of the Products, if You decide to cancel the order, the amount will be credited back to You within 14 (fourteen) days from when We know Your decision.

11. Delivery of products

The geographical area of delivery of Our Products corresponds to the geographical area covered by the offer, according to the rules of importing countries: the unavailability of delivery will be noticed on the Website (in any case, We assume no liability for the impossibility to import the Products by Your country).

Any delivery time indicated during the order of the Products must be deemed indicative and any different delivery time, but within 30 days from the order, must be considered fulfillment of the seller’s obligations. With this regard, the time of actual shipment will be the delivery of the Products to the carrier where the latter is suggested by Us and, in the case of carrier chosen by You, this time will be the date of the notice of availability for pick-up at our warehouse.

The Products will be delivered to the address specified by You at the order: any lack of delivery of the Products for incorrect or lacked informations will not be in Our liability.

Upon delivery, please check the content and the status of the Product. In particular, You should check:
  • that the number of packages received is the same as marked on the shipping document;
  • that the labels on the package correctly indicate Your name and address;
  • that the external appearance of packages does not show any damage. In the event You discover any anomaly, please sign the shipping document by writing "goods accepted with reserve" and specifying the type of anomaly. In case You do not accept the goods with reserve and specify the anomaly, returned items may not be accepted due to transportation problems. In any case, verbal reserves shall have no legal value. For such reasons, we advise You to indicate any anomaly on the shipping document. In case of delays, breakdowns, total or partial losses or other problems We invite You to contact Us promptly in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

12. Force majeure

Will be considered as cases of force majeure, in addition to those normally considered, the total or partial strikes, internal or external to our company, blocking of means of transport or supply for any reason, legal or governmental restrictions, computer failure or electrical block including telecommunications networks and the Internet in particular.

In the event of force majeure the order shall be suspended. Such suspension will last for a maximum period of 3 (three) months, after which we will deem the order automatically cancelled. You can however send Us Your interest in maintaining the order, in such case it will be set a new deadline after which, if the force majeure is dragging, You will be asked again to confirm Your purpose to maintain the order of purchasing.

13. Absence of the recipient

In case You aren’t at home at the time of delivery, the Products must be collected at the address and in the manner specified by the carrier. In case of failure to deliver the Products by the deadline set by the carrier, the Products will be returned Us and We reserve the right to refund the price of the Products, leaving the shipping costs charged to You.

14.  Legal warranty and exclusion of liability

If You are a Consumer and You receive goods with a lack of conformity, because for example:
  • the goods are not suitable for the use they are intended,
  • the goods do not comply with the description,
  • the goods do not meet the usual quality of goods of the same type, taking into account the particular nature of the asset, We invite You to contact Us as soon as possible and however no later than two (2) months from the discovery of the lack of conformity, keeping in mind that the legal warranty ceases after 2 (two) years from the delivery.
With such notice, You can ask, if You are a Consumer, the repair or the replacement of the Product, unless the requested action is impossible or excessively expensive. You can also choose the reduction of the price or the rescission of the sale as provided by the Italian Consumer Code.

If you are a Trader, in case of defects of the Products that make them unusable or that relevantly decrease their value, You can ask the reduction of the price or the rescission of the sale according to the Italian Civil Code and for this purpose You must notice Us about the presence of the defects within 8 (eight) days from the discovery and however no later than 1 (one) year from the delivery.

In both cases, You can contact us by certified email to CALZATURIFICIODUEBI@LEGALEMAIL.INFO or by registered letter to be sent to Our registered office at the address indicated in article 24 of these Terms and Conditions.

In any case, Our liability is excluded:
  • if the defect or the lack of conformity were knowable and they have not been ritually communicated;
  • if the defect or the lack of conformity arise from materials or instructions supplied by You;
  • if the defect or the lack of conformity are mild and the recovery is impossible or unreasonably expensive;
  • if the defect or the lack of conformity arise from tampering or technical interventions made by unauthorized personnel;
  • in the case of incorporation / use of Our Products in other products not attributable to Us, if the discrepancy is due to the design of the latter or the instructions of incorporation / operation;
  • in the case of incorporation into Our Products of other products not attributable to us, if the discrepancy is due to the design of the latter or the instructions of incorporation / use.

In case of delay in delivery of Products due to Our fault, liability is limited to a maximum amount equal to the price of the sale. In no case will be recognized any compensation for damages or expenses You incurred autonomously without Our express prior consent.

15.  Right of withdrawal

Under Articles 52 et subsequents of Italian D.Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), if You are a Consumer (i.e. a person who buys goods for purposes not related to business or professional activity, or without indicating a VAT number), You are entitled to withdraw from the purchasing. In any case, You can play the right of withdrawal without penalty and without any obligation to give Us reasons.

This right must be played within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the goods (i.e. the date of receipt of the last product if the order is subject to multiple shipments), by completing the Form enclosed at the end of these Terms and Conditions or by presenting an explicit request to be notified:
  • by registered letter to be sent to CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l., Via Milano 40, 26029 Soncino (CR) – ITALIA or
  • by certified e-mail at CALZATURIFICIODUEBI@LEGALEMAIL.INFO The Product must be returned in its original packaging and in a state of perfect cleanliness.

The essential integrity of the Product to be returned is an essential condition for the right of withdrawal. Once We have verified the integrity of the returned Product, we will refund You the full amount paid for the Product subject to withdrawal, no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of Our receipt of the Product, by the same payment method used by You at the time of the order.

In any case, We will hold the refund until We have received the goods in return or until You prove that the Product to be returned has been sent. Shipment costs for the return of the Product subject to withdrawal remain at Your expense.

According to art. 59 of the Italian D.Lgs. 206/2005 (Consumer Code), the right of withdrawal is specifically excluded in case of Products custom-made or clearly personalized or which, by their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly. The right of withdrawal shall terminate all the obligations between the parties.

16.  Industrial and intellectual property rights

The Website, Leather Crown and 5282 trademarks, any relative work of intellectual and industrial property, the Website and any right arising therefrom are in the sole property of or licensed to CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. is also the holder of any intellectual property right of the Website and of any other right concerning the diffusion of the elements that are contained in the catalog of the online store and, in particular, of the images for which the necessary permissions from the interested persons have been obtained.

As a result, the total or partial reproduction on any media type, the use of the elements that make up the Website and the catalog, their sale to third parties, are strictly prohibited. It is forbidden, therefore, to copy, distribute and modify the content protected by copyright, trademark or other rights of intellectual and industrial property.

Trademarks and logos of platforms that allow payment instruments, social networks, carries and any other logo not directly or indirectly attributable to CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l. are in the property of their respective owners and are used in this Website just for information purposes to allow the execution of the online services.

17. Revocation or failure of the clauses

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions result invalid or unenforceable, any invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions, which will continue therefore to remain valid and enforceable.

18. Title of the articles of these terms and conditions

The section titles of these Terms and Conditions are just for reference purposes and in no way limit the meaning or content of the article.

19. Lack of exercise of a right

The lack of exercise of a right by Us does not involve any waiver of taking action against You or against third parties for infringement of commitments. We reserve anyhow Our right to assert in any case, within the time allowed.

20.  Contract with the consumer

If You are a Consumer, in the way defined by D.Lgs. 205/2006 (Consumer Code) and subsequent modifications and integrations, and by the Rome Convention of 1980 on the law applicable to contractual obligations, the more favorable provisions of those laws are applicable to You, with disapplication of the terms or elements of any clause of these Terms and Conditions which may be in conflict and the permanence of the effect of any other provision.

The clauses or items of any provision of these Terms and Conditions which can be considered governed by the rules of art. 33.2 of D.Lgs. no. 206/05, are not unfair and are therefore valid if it appears, from the order form or otherwise, the individual negotiation between You, as a Consumer, and Us, as a Seller.

21. Reference to other law

For what is not differently settled by these Terms and Conditions, as well as the D.Lgs. no. 206/2005 (Consumer Code) and subsequent additions and amendments for the respective field of application, reference should be made to other applicable acts with express, but not limited to, reference to D.Lgs no. 9 April 2003 no. 70 (Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC on certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular electronic commerce, in the Internal Market) and subsequent additions and amendments, as well as the Italian Civil Code and other applicable acts and regulations.

22.  Applicable Law

This Terms and Conditions and the sale relationship arising by this Website are governed exclusively by the Italian law, by the rules of the European Union and by those international conventions that are applicable and recognized in the Italian Republic.

The version of these Terms and Conditions to be considered official and binding is the one written in Italian language. In case of divergence between the versions written in other languages and the official version in Italian, will always prevails the Italian one.

23. Jurisdiction

In case of any dispute arising from or relating to the interpretation, execution and termination of these Terms and Conditions and the sale relationship, if You are a Consumer You can choose either to appeal the judicial authority of Your domicile (if not Italy) or the Italian judicial authority, in the case of application of the Brussels Convention of 1968 or EC Regulation 2001/44/EC. In case of Italian jurisdiction, if You are a Consumer the mandatory jurisdiction of the court is the place of Your residence or Your domicile, pursuant to art. 63 of D.Lgs. 205/2006. If You proceeded and acted on the Website as a Trader, the Italian judicial authorities shall indeed have exclusive jurisdiction and any claim must be suited exclusively at the courts of Venice.

24. Communications

For any information or complaint, feel free to contact us at: CALZATURIFICIO DUE BI s.r.l.

Via Milano 40, 26029 Soncino (CR) – ITALIA



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